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Bar at the River Café

Recommended by

William C. Thompson NYC Comptroller

on August 25th 2008


William C. Thompson Says

It’s Brooklyn!!! And of course it’s got one of the most spectacular views of the city.


  1. Hi,found your site by fortunate accident..read it all! Great stuff. Now, how do I get a gig????
    I’m an Aussie Artist, just arrived in the States looking for representation in a Manhattan Gallery, or even a cool place ie: The Black Rabbit - that might put on a
    one-night only Exhibition type thing for my art! Maybe you have some ideas?

    As well as being a full-time Artist, I also design fabrics freelance for Pierre Frey Fabrics in Paris and I’m about to launch a series of NODDY images to celebrate his ‘50 years of innocence’.
    They are a lot of fun..pls check one of them out via my website under FINE ART EDITIONS.

    Once again, any suggestions you may have that could ‘put me out there’ would be fantastic. I’m not sure where to start when I step off the train at Grand Central next week with my artwork in tow?


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