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Harry's Beach

Recommended by

Toofly Graffiti Artist

on October 14th 2007


Toofly Says

Harry's Beach is located in Long Island City, and you can even get there by taking the water taxi from 34th Street—the first stop is in Queens, leaves you off right there. It's basically a man-made beach. You can't get to the water, but it's all sand and they have picnic tables where you could get beers and hotdogs or hamburgers and sometime they have a live band, so you can dance or play volleyball. It overlooks the entire city. On a nice summer day a lot of people go to Harry's Beach, hang out and have a beer. It's a cool spot because it's in the middle of nowhere, everything is industrial, and then there's this little mini-beach. It gets crowded in the summertime, but it's pretty spacious.

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