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Vera Cruz

Recommended by

Phil Mucci Photographer

on December 2nd 2006


Phil Mucci Says

There's no better place to observe the glorious and hilarious decline of mankind than seated in one of the four well-appointed stools at the small bar open to Bedford Avenue at Vera Cruz. While there is a full restaurant behind you, complete with a garden, you get far more bang for your buck facing the trendy tide of humanity which pours forth from the nearby L stop. From 5 to 9pm, you'll be treated to prolific peeping pleasures. Snack on chips and salsa as an endless flow of Williamsburg's finest return home from a hard day of being totally cool, and in many cases, looking totally ridiculous. Hand off your margarita to new found friends walking their well-groomed Chihuahuas, or sink into a depressive stupor once you realize that you'll never, ever, be as fashionable as anyone you've just snickered at.

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