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Gotham Bar and Grill


My favorite restaurant is Gotham Bar and Grill because every time I go there I feel it's like a Woody Allen movie set: all the waitresses are from different parts of the world. And every time comes a different one: a French one, an Indian one, and then an American one. So it's very eclectic, I have fun just enjoying that environment. …more

El Gran Castillo de Jagua



Fresco by Scotto


The restaurant is always a festive environment... …more

Black Rabbit


They really took the time to make it look like an Irish pub. It's laid-back Greenpoint, and the owners are very nice. …more

Washington Square Park


Washington Square Park is big for me. I just love to sit on a bench and read. …more

Whitney Museum


Every time that I get lost or afraid of what I'm doing in terms of my work, i just go there and I say to myself, "No, you can go farther and farther". …more

Hot Dog Stands


I have this weird obsession with hot dogs, so if I can just find a hot dog vendor I'm happy—the generic New York hot dog stands are amazing. …more

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