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Tamarind is my favorite Indian restaurant...it's simple but just unreal. …more

Allan & Suzi


Allan and Suzy are just great because they're there and they help you go through the store. It's just great fun, like a mom and pop shop vintage consignment shop. …more

Selima Optique


I have somewhat been defined by my eye-wear and I'm obsessed with eye-wear. Selima Optique is my all-time favorite place to shop for vintage eye wear …more

Calypso Christiane Celle


I like to travel. I'm a girl who would hop on a plane and go to Miami or Puerto Rico for the weekend. All year round at Calypso, you'll find …more

Cornelia Day Spa

Cornelia Day Spa

Cornelia Day Spa is my favorite...I can have lunch there and she has amazing body wraps and a masseuse that would just crack your back open. …more



Very intimate, with great tapas. …more

Great NY Noodletown


My favorite place to go at 3 am! …more

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