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Abandoned Smallpox Hospital

Recommended by

Melissa Plaut Cabbie

on August 30th 2007

  • Info

  • Address

  • South Point Park
  • New York
  • NY
  • 10044
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Contact

  • 212 308 6608
  • Website

  • rihs.us
  • Directions

  • F to Roosevelt Island or
    Tram at 59th St/2nd Ave
  • Map

  • Click to view Map


Melissa Plaut Says

I've known about the Smallpox Hospital for a very long time. I am a big fan of hanging out in weird, derelict, abandoned areas. The Highline would've been one of my favorites except now it's completely torn up and off limits, but I used to go up to the Highline all the time and just walk around. But the Roosevelt Island former Smallpox Hospital is just this abandoned building surrounded by a fence, but you can kind of sneak in. You can also just go to the park that is right next to it and sit, look and marvel over this weird crumbling, spooky hospital. And at night it's lit up, I believe by the same guy who did the lighting design for the Statue of Liberty. You can see it from the FDR. It's the southern part of Roosevelt Island, Sounds Point Park, and it's basically on this little sliver of land, so you're in the middle of the East River. There's water on your left, your right and behind you if you're facing north and then the Smallpox Hospital. The hospital is kind of crumbly and a little bit dangerous, there's falling bricks everywhere and trees growing in the building now—the floors no longer exist. Just be careful.


    • Luis

    • February 16th, 2009

    hey my friend and I are actually thinking a trip out there. Do you recommend it or should we just give up hope. She’s freaked if it’s inhabited by crack addicts and such. The only think i’m afraid of is the decaying building don’t want to fall in a hole or something. What do you recommend?

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