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Hill Country

Recommended by

Matthew Diffee Cartoonist

on December 22nd 2007


Matthew Diffee Says

This place is really supposed to be Lockhart, Texas style barbeque, a place which is considered the barbeque capital of the world. Specifically, Hill Country is modeled after a place called Kreuz Market there. If I'm not mistaken, at Cruise Market, they don't have barbeque sauce. They think it kills the flavor of the meat. At Hill Country I think they do have sauce but it's almost better to eat it without. You get slices of really good slow-cooked meat, but it's not slathered in sauce like you would expect at other places, which goes to show that barbeque sauce doesn't make good barbeque. They serve it on butcher paper, it's market style, and you go around and grab what you want. I think it's been hugely successful right out of the gate. They've got a big space downstairs with live music and stuff. It's different—it's really like visiting this specific area in Texas.

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