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West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital

Recommended by

Linda Rodin Stylist

on July 9th 2008
  • Info

  • Address

  • 248 West 26th Street
    between 7th Avenue & 8th Avenue
  • New York
  • 10001
  • Chelsea
  • Contact

  • 212 645 2767
  • Website

  • westchelseavet.com
  • Opening Hours

  • Mon-Thur 8am-8pm
    Fri 8am-7pm
    Sat 8am-4pm
    Sun Closed
  • Directions

  • C E to 23rd St
    1 to 28th St
  • Map

  • Click to view Map


Linda Rodin Says

My vet is the best in NYC. The West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital is invaluable. Doctor Farber and Doctor Mlekoday have saved my dog's life many times, because he's a monster. I have a basset hound, he's twice as big as I am, the love of my life from Paris. Laeticia Casta is my best friend and when I went to Paris seven years ago for Christmas, she said, 'Merry Christmas!', and she had these long ears hanging out of her coat. I said, 'What have you done?' I almost threw up, I didn't want a dog. Now he's the love of my life, but he's a monster. He gets himself beyond trouble, he will eat anything. He ate a rat, he ate a corn cob. He's had two surgeries, they had to cut his stomach open. I'll bring cheese home from the store and it's in the brown paper bag, he eats the entire thing, the brown bag, the wrapper that the cheese is in, everything. He's insane. Yesterday, a friend came over and she put her bag down, and the next thing you know, he had eaten an apple out of the bag, and a banana with the peel. He will eat anything, but thanks to West Chelsea Vet, he's alive. They also diagnosed him with Addison's disease. He would have died if we hadn't figured that out. You need a good vet in New York, because this town is all about dogs and everyone loves their dog. Because we don't have kids, we have dogs.


  1. I lived in NYC for 16 years, most of it with my dog, Kaya. Kaya has been going to Dr. Farber since she was a puppy…and since Farber was in Tribeca before opening his own business in Chelsea. When we moved to CA last year, the hardest part about leaving NYC was leaving Dr. Farber and his staff. They are simply the best. They took such good care of her for over 13 years…Kaya left us just one month ago in July and my thanks goes to Dr. Farber and his team for taking such good care of her so I could share my life with my blessed pup for over 14 years. Many thanks and best wishes. Love, Kaya and Cathleen

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