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Albright Fashion Library

Recommended by

Linda Rodin Stylist

on July 2nd 2008
  • Info

  • Address

  • 62 Cooper Square
    between East 6th Street & East 7th Street
  • New York
  • NY
  • 10003
  • Noho
  • Contact

  • 212 977 7350
  • Website

  • albrightnyc.com
  • Opening Hours

  • By appointment only
  • Directions

  • 6 to Astor Pl
    R W to 8th St
  • Map

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Linda Rodin Says

I love Albright because I am a stylist. Actually, I come here as much for the clothes as I do for the people. Sometimes I just sit here five hours at a time. I'll just sit here and smooch. It's heaven for a stylist because it has all the up-to-date clothing that you could never afford to buy in a department store or anywhere. And you don't have to worry about going into department store, lying, saying it's for your aunt and returning and skimming. You can rent whatever you want. It's everything you could ever imagined—there's classics so you can go back to a blouse you used five years ago, and it still works for a shoot today. And everybody is charming, lovely and very knowledgeable about fashion, and they just make you feel like you're not gonna have a nervous breakdown about your job. They make it so easy, and it's the best place. The stylists in New York could not exist without it. Nobody could, it's an amazing place. If you're a stylist or if you have to dress people for an event, this place is heaven. And everybody is so nice. I mean, I come here when I'm working just to sit and talk to Patty and Larissa and Irene. I've sent a lot of people from Victoria's Secret, a lot of high up executives who go to all these events. You know, they certainly can afford a dress that's $5,000 but why buy it? Because in that world, you can only wear something once, it's insane. And a lot of the models too—they go to so many events. They can borrow from designers, but here you can see every designer in an hour as opposed to going to 7th Avenue to every showroom, so this is the best place. It's a God-send, it really is. I love it. Shoes, handbags... and I don't go out but I did have a lunch with someone at Vogue in the summer and I ran here to borrow a dress. I had to go to a big party in St. Barth's, I got a dress.

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