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Sucelt Coffee Shop

Recommended by

Gretchen Mol Actress

on August 8th 2007


Gretchen Mol Says

Sucelt is a Cuban coffee shop on 14th Street right off of 7th Avenue. A great surprise for take-out coffee! It's just the best café con leche. It's delicious, strong and cheap. When you walk in in the morning, they're already cooking empanadas. You might even come out smelling a little bit like the food, but the coffee is just so good. They also make really yummy egg and cheese sandwiches that they flatten out. I think it is $2—so it's just like, why would anyone go to Starbucks when there's this great, rich coffee right on the corner?

2 Reviews

    • Robert Greer

    • October 12th, 2007

    Everything written above is true except that they close before eight.

  1. Closed 12/31/07.

    27 years they served up pollo, rice & beans, cafe con leche, and flan. Through my grad school years, clubbing years, and having the kids years. My entire adult life. Another neighborhood victim of rising commercial rents.

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