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AMC Loews Lincoln Square

Recommended by

George Ratliff Filmmaker

on December 3rd 2007


George Ratliff Says

It's a giant Loews theater and there's a reason why most big movies have their premiere there. It's just a really nice theater and the projection is top notch. If you're a filmmaker and you've seen bad projection you know the difference. It's walking distance from where I live. A staple of my marriage is that we go, on average, to two movies a week. We have babysitters lined up all the time to get out to movies. It's just something we both love, so we're there all the time. My wife Beth is even a bigger movie fanatic than I am. She'll go see all the romantic comedies during the day when I'm at work. We see loads of movies together. The Lincoln Square Loews is probably 12 screens, all high end, well done and good seats.


    • John Mitchell

    • December 30th, 2007

    I beg to differ with you. Ever since AMC took over the Lowes Manhatten Theatres, Presentation has gone downhill. AMC also has less options foodwise and Employees that just don’t give a damn about Customer Service.

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