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Shake Shack

Recommended by

Fred Wilson Venture Capitalist

on September 12th 2007


Fred Wilson Says

I love the Shake Shack partially because of Madison Square Park. My wife and I were big contributors to the campaign to rebuild Madison Square Park, and to me the Shake Shack is all about how a commercial business can come together with a public space and make it better. A lot of the profits from the Shake Shack go to fund the upkeep of the park, so Shake Shack being there makes it more likely the park is going to remain a beautiful, pristine park where you can hang out and listen to music or shows. The other thing is the Shake Shack food is amazing. It's basic American food— burgers, hot dogs, shakes, french fries—I mean it's not particularly good for you, but it's great. I eat there two or three times a month when I am in the mood for a burger.

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