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15 East

Recommended by

Fred Wilson Venture Capitalist

on September 11th 2007


Fred Wilson Says

15 East is a little place that just opened about a year ago not far from my office. It's a sushi place, and the guy who works behind the bar is a real authentic sushi chef. When you're sitting in front of him, he literally makes the sushi and hands it to you—in my mind, that's the way to eat sushi. It's a tiny little place, they only have like eight or ten tables and the sushi bar. I always like to sit at the bar and to talk to him and find out what's good. You just keep ordering and when you're done, you're done. It's beautiful in there, very modern, very minimalist. The fish is really fresh and it's just a wonderful place. I've used it for everything, business lunches, business dinners, family dinners. They're very nice in there, I love it.

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