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The Dove Parlor

Recommended by

Erik Madigan Heck Art Director

on September 6th 2007


Erik Madigan Heck Says

The Dove is an underground bar down on Thompson Street that has really good drinks. I highly recommend it you're looking for a chill little spot. You walk down a couple steps and it opens up. It's decorated, roomy and eclectic. The drinks are also pretty interesting and unique, like watermelon martinis with fresh mint. The last time I was there I glanced over and Claire Danes was there drinking a beer, I thought it was kind of funny. The crowd can be very NYU depending on when you go, but it's fun. It's not really hipstery and it's not really Soho either, it's kind of a nice anomaly in the area. The lighting is low and dark, the music is fairly nice—electronica or indie rock. I really like it. The sad thing was that I didn't really discover this place until I was moving—had I known it was on Thompson when I lived down there, I probably would've been there all the time.

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