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Loreley Restaurant & Biergarten

Recommended by

Doug Jaeger Creative Director

on June 13th 2007


Doug Jaeger Says

Loreley is a great German joint, run by Germans. It's very much like a beer hall. They have a backyard and friends of mine had been promoting a DJ session where they would have parties on Friday night. They would go so late, the gigs would almost become like private parties with the guests of the bar itself. But we actually like going to this place for lunch because when you have a business you can't take a two and a half hour lunch and wait and wait. In Soho there really aren't that many awesome lunch spots that aren't really crowded. Loreley is right on the fringe of the Lower East Side and you can be the only group in the place. Occasionally, we've seen people from The Onion there or other local companies hang out there for small meetings. It's not a big kind of crazy place during the week and that's what's cool about it. They have amazing beer and traditional German food like bratwurst—it's traditional German and it kind of makes you feel like you're not in New York for a couple of minutes because of all the German accents. I think you can even get menus in German. In the summer, the beer garden in the back is great, very social. They always sit people with mixed table so it ends up being a really social experience and the wait staff is enthusiastic about forcing people to have fun.

Another thing is that it's the T on Freeman's Alley and so a lot of people after they go to Freeman's for dinner will end up stopping by Loreley. Around the corner is where The Box is, so there is a lot of people in the area and it ends up being a good waiting spot for other places. If you're waiting for a late show at The Box or if you couldn't get a table at Freemans and you want to get a drink it's a good friendly spot, it's not elitist in any way.

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