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Moleskine City Notebook

Recommended by

Deerhoof Band

on October 24th 2007


Deerhoof Says

Satomi: I have the New York book. My friend gave it to me. It's great. It has a map of the subway system.
Greg: It's like a London "A to Z," but for New York.
Satomi: No title...
Greg: So Satomi's been marking stuff in there, like, "Oh I want to go here, I want to go there" and putting it on the map. And it's so easy to get around.
Satomi: So I recommend this book.
Greg: This nameless, titleless black book.
Satomi: It's called Moleskine. Cause then you don't look like a tourist, I look like I'm studying.
Greg: That's the real reason.

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