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Recommended by

Deerhoof Band

on October 27th 2007


Deerhoof Says

Greg: This is a really rare spot because when you think of Korean food, it's almost always beef oriented. But I'm vegetarian and I love Korean food—but I can never find it anywhere. This place is incredible, the only place I've ever seen like it.
Satomi: It's an all vegan menu. You take off your shoes and they have a Korean traditional gong. When we first got there, nobody was there so we played the gong. And I recommend this Korean rice milk wine—the makori—in Japan it's kind of popular, but you scoop with this huge ladle and drink. It has a really nice mood too, wood chairs and tables. How do you call...
Greg: Yeah, I don't know what you call that, when you sit at the table and your feet dangle down. It's really nice. And it's right next to a hotel where they're having a big strike. That's what I remember from going there that day—there was a picket line out front.

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