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David Hochbaum Painter

on October 3rd 2007


David Hochbaum Says

Well since I don't really go out to bars that much, anymore, I think I'm naturally drawn to the place where I work. Because I'll be guaranteed to at least see someone I can talk to if I feel like it. And I guess it's a force of habit kind of thing—plus, since I work here, the price is right. The music is generally pretty good because they have an amazing jukebox, most of the crappy music has been eliminated. It's also close enough that I can get away from the studio, you know clear my head—or fog it up, whatever—and meet up with friends. Usually it's not too crowded, since I don't go to bars on Fridays or Saturdays unless I'm working. The crowd at Hi-Fi is generally pretty young, usually, on weekends, a lot of student type people. But the locals and the regulars during the week are usually pretty cool and it's pretty eclectic as far as age is concerned, cause a lot of them are older rockers and stuff. A lot of rock stars end up hanging out there, popping in. You definitely see local bands even who work there. Radio 4 guy just stopped working here a little while ago, the bass player from The Hold Steady still works there, last week I was there, Meg White was hanging out playing pool, Cyndi Lauper, it's just like ridiculous—from Green Day to whatever just coming in, hanging out. It still has that rock and roll undertone to it because of it's history. It still has the same owner from when it was Brownie's.

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