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Celine Rattray Film Producer

on December 12th 2007


Celine Rattray Says

Lunetta is my husband's restaurant which is on 21st and Broadway, and there's actually a second one also in Brooklyn. It's my favorite place to go in NY. I like it because the food is spectacular. It's all small dishes, italian food, different types of pasta, different fishes, different meats. The food is stunning and I also love the atmosphere. It's romantic, it's beautiful lighting, it's really comfortable booths, and it's the prefect place for a date or it's for a group of 6 or 7 friends who want to hang out and spend a night together. So it's a really fun place, it's a nice crowd. The restaurant just opened a few weeks ago and in terms of the lighting it's dark and romantic light, but at the same time there's huge windows all around the restaurant and you have access to a lot of the natural street light. It's a really pleasant environment. And it's got very high ceilings so it adds even more to a real sense of air and that you can really breath well.

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