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Olde Good Things

Recommended by

Candice & Soraya Jewelry Designer Duo

on November 1st 2007

  • Info

  • Address

  • 124 West 24th Street
    between Sixth and Seventh Avenues
  • New York
  • NY
  • 10011
  • Chelsea
  • Contact

  • 212 989 8401
  • Website

  • oldegoodthings.com
  • Opening Hours

  • Daily 9am-7pm
  • Directions

  • 1 to 23rd St-7th Ave or
    F V to 23rd St-6th Ave
  • Map

  • Click to view Map


Candice & Soraya Says

Soraya: It's an antique place.
Candice: Like salvage, more like salvage.
Soraya: They have antique doorknobs and sinks and lights and furniture. You can buy molding there or, even a fireplace. I think it's a Christian run business for charity, all of the proceeds goes to some Christian organization. They have one in New York, they also have shops in Pennsylvania and L.A.
Cancice: But they have everything from tiny little light fixtures from the '30s taken from old apartment buildings that have been destroyed, to 8 foot diameter chandeliers taken from a hotel somewhere. So you can get anything. It's so fun to go in there too. You could spend hours looking at small things. The store here is pretty big, but you get lost in the locks and keys and the door hinges—crazy door hinges that are brass and like 1890 NYC or whatever—it's really crazy.
Soraya: And they have beautiful glass doorknobs and curtain presses. It's really gorgeous.
Candice: Some of them are really rare. We bought two doorknobs here for our new showroom, and the price range went from like $12 for a very common glass doorknob that everybody had back in the day, to $300 cut crystal doorknobs that they only had two of and they can't find more. So you can get anything. It's really neat.
Soraya: You can negotiate with them as well.

3 Reviews

    • Andrew

    • December 10th, 2007

    Just a head’s up on the “organization” that owns and operates Olde Good Things: it is the Church of Bible Understanding and is an alleged cult with what appears to be a nasty record of treatment for it’s “members”/”workers”. There was a really good profile written in Philadelphia magazine on the organization a few years ago:

    You may want to update your entry to make note of this fact.

    • Abbot

    • April 5th, 2008

    Say… I’ve gotten and found some great stuff at that store and those people are quite interesting and at times friendly. I suggest to Andrew that he have a chat with those people and find out if everything he reads on the internet is true. Yours truly, Abbot

    • Jake

    • April 15th, 2008

    Uh, dude it’s a cult. I am from scranton and help letters used to circulate the mall from kids that were kidnapped by them. In the Scranton compound (not the warehouse) that they live in they have a weapons cache. Do your research.

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