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Blue Ribbon Bar

Recommended by

Candice & Soraya Jewelry Designer Duo

on November 20th 2007


Candice & Soraya Says

Candice: The Blue Ribbon Bakery restaurant is on Bedford and Downing, but just across the street, to handle people who are waiting for tables, they opened a tiny little wine bar with jazz music. I'm not the biggest fan of jazz, but it works and they have a crazy wine list and small little toasts that you can eat, and mixed nuts that are really good. And the guys that work here know wine really well—and they aren't intimidating, they teach you about it—and you can sit here and drink delicious wine all night long and talk to your friends.
Soraya: They also have a mini champagne tasting so you can sample champagne.
Candice: Oh yeah, every night they have different tastings. But the glasses are huge!
Soraya: Yeah, they pour nice-sized glasses. And also you can go for very high range glasses or super low, depending.
Candice: I went there to wait for the restaurant, and then I told the restaurant to cancel my table and I just stayed at the bar.
Soraya: It's actually like the ideal wine bar in New York. You really want to stay here. Last time we were here together, we stayed way longer than we planned. We just went as girlfriends and it was pretty romantic. We had a good time.

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