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The E.U.

Recommended by

Ben Chang Diplomat

on January 15th 2007


Ben Chang Says

No need here to delve into the drama that was the EU's quest for a liquor license (and first claim to fame in the city's restaurant blogs): all's well that ends well and now they can serve adult beverages. When you go, slide up to the bar—a broad expanse to rest your elbows on as you enjoy an expertly-poured Belgian, English or French beer. Next, let the white-apron clad staff recommend the right food and drink pairings to match your mood. Once you are convinced, return and bring all your friends. They'll like it, too—because while the menu is relatively brief (it all fits nicely on one page which doubles as your placemat), it is well-edited, and, again, it's all about the pairings. Think of it as a petite trans-Atlantic affair right off Avenue B.

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