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Ben Chang Diplomat

on October 31st 2006


Ben Chang Says

After work, I head home to the East Village and Lower East Side. Once the tie comes off, I seek refuge in local haunts with character, local flavor and maybe a little attitude. When I need a little spark and spice, I head to this gem of a restaurant on Avenue B. I'd like to say it is my little secret, but with regular Drew Barrymore (and the Strokes) and Naomi Campbell sightings, I think the secret is out.

All the dishes are offered as part of one grand tasting menu, so you can mix and match ceviches, tacos, guacamoles, then wash them down with a liver-shaking array of margaritas and tequilas. (The Tres Citricos or Jicama margaritas are delicious). They also have an amazing dessert tequila that goes well with the plantains foster.

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