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Angel’s Share

Recommended by

Ben Chang Diplomat

on January 19th 2007


Ben Chang Says

This bar is one of my old-time favorites—great in all the ways that run counter to conventional wisdom in this city where bars come and go as promoters try to keep up with the latest hip neighborhood.

To find this bar, you have to walk through the awning to the left of the "Around the Clock" diner, and up the stairs, turn left and walk past the sushi diners, and through the wooden door with no name (but with a plaque of very simply stated rules, including: no groups of more than four, no loud conversations, no standing, no cell phones). Come in and brace yourself for dark wood, candles, comfortable seats, jazz, and Japanese bar staff that knows its way around a cocktail.

Sit back and enjoy some time to yourself or a quiet conversation with a close friend. No, not what you expect in your average NYC bar—but exactly why you come to Angel's Share.

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