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Campbell Apartment

Recommended by

Beatrix Slaughter Rollergirl

on November 14th 2007


Beatrix Slaughter Says

I recently discovered the Campbell Apartment. I was so excited. The history is that there was a very wealthy man, who, when Grand Central was built, requested that they have an apartment made in it for him to live in. It's beautiful; he was very, very wealthy, and it's very lavish. And when he died—or moved out—it became the holding cell for the Grand Central Police, and they would put vandals or criminals in there before they were brought to the police station. Now it's been renovated into a bar called The Campbell Apartment. You go upstairs, through the elevator—it seems like such a secretive little thing, but it's a bustling bar. And it's this beautiful room with a big fireplace and vaulted ceiling—it's just as urprise. I don't go there very often because it's expensive, but if I come in on the train late at night and I feel like having a whiskey, I'll come here. It tends to be business people there, definitely not my age, and you have to be dressed a certain way to get in—no tennis shoes, no jeans—but it's a sort of a little treat.

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