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Sidewalk Cafe

Recommended by

Beat The Devil Band

on September 26th 2007


Beat The Devil Says

I heard about the Sidewalk Café and I just kind of walked in and looked around. At times it can become a big acoustic guitar fest and you have to weed out what you like and what you don't. Once I saw a tranny plucking a violin and screaming at the top of her lungs, and then you'll see people with crazy instruments and sound-sampling gear, doing whatever they want. There's a big song-writing energy here. It's great—it's got a little bit of cabaret, a little bit of silliness, or it can get pretty heavy. I remember going on Mondays, and the vibe was so awesome and everybody would have a wonderful performance. Everyone gets into it and supports each other. I've seen 14-year-old kids perform there, I've seen people in their 60s, 50s and 40s, there's no predominant demographic or age or race. You just have to want to do something and everyone's pretty supportive about it. Fall and spring open mic nights are usually a lot of fun cause that's when it's most packed. I know like the Trachtenbergs are based out of here, The Moldy Peaches came out of here, my friend's band The Creaky Boards are from here, just a lot of wonderful singer-songwriters. The back room is called The Fort, and the guy who runs it, Latch, has been around since the '70s and he started this whole movement in the early '80s, so it definitely has a legacy. It's a great place if you're a songwriter and don't have a band but you just want to start working and meeting people, it's a really comfortable place to be. There aren't any rules to it. —Shilpa Ray


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