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Charette Electronics

Recommended by

Beat The Devil Band

on September 24th 2007

  • Info

  • Address

  • 21 Powers Street
    between Lorimer & Union
  • Brooklyn
  • NY
  • 11211
  • Williamsburg
  • Contact

  • 718 915 4343
  • Website

  • mysite.verizon.net
  • Opening Hours

  • Mon-Fri 9:30am-6:30pm
  • Directions

  • L to Lorimer
  • Map

  • Click to view Map


Beat The Devil Says

John Charette works out of the Excela Recording Studio at the Lorimer L stop. He's been an audio tech since the dawn of time—he's done radio, TV, amplifier repair and everything like that. We use a lot of weirder, beat up, vintage equipment, which is continually breaking, so whenever I have anything electrical, I bring it to John to fix. He just knows. I know a little bit about repairs so I can figure out some stuff, but then there's the stuff that just blows my mind. Then I'll bring it to John and he's like, "Oh, this amp is from '67. Yeah, the ones that were made in the latter half of '67 have this capacitor which does this weird modulation when it's in this temperature operating zone. That's probably what it is." Then he'll say, "Go get me a pack of cigarettes" and by the time I'm back he has it fixed. He's definitely one of those people that I was like, "Ok, this is why I moved to New York—to meet people like this who have that wealth of knowledge."—Mishka Shubaly

2 Reviews

    • Robbie Seahag

    • February 10th, 2008

    John Charette is the man! I brought my GK bass head that has been dead for 10 years to him. Works like new sounds great. hat it fixed right away. He’s a godsend and knows how to do everything! Rules.

    • Sugar Bear

    • August 25th, 2008

    John is great. No bells and whistles, just pure acumen in all things amplifier. Don;t know how he works in the little drafty garage in the dead of winter, but he manages. The operation is unassuming, but the work is top notch. And he’s a real cool guy to boot.

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