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Bio by Jessica Henderson

Musician Scout Niblett, is a hard girl to pin down—both in where she lives (raised in Nottingham, England, Niblett's American odyssey has included short stints in Bloomington, Chicago, Philly, Oakland and now Portland) as well as her almost indefinable sound (spare indie rock that bounces and ballads that wail). With a new video for Kiss, her haunting duet with Bonnie "Prince" Billy—an imaginative and moody clip featuring wigs, skeeball, skeleton costumes and that oh-so-New-York slice of pizza—now in heavy rotation, Niblett's star is on the rise.

While Niblett has never lived in Manhattan herself, her infatuation for the city—she's performed all over from Bowery Ballroom to Pete's Candy Store—started with her very first visit back in 1995. "The first thing that I liked about this city was the water everywhere—I love being near the water—but also the bridges. I've got an obsession with bridges," she explains. Short as her visits may be due to a demanding tour schedule that has Niblett and her drummer driving eight hours at a time from gig to gig, anytime spent in the Big Apple is stimulating. "I love coming for a bit, cause it's really exciting," says the songstress. "You can't just come here and it just be like anywhere else—it's a really unique place and the atmosphere is pretty intense. And I think some people thrive off that."

Recently back from a long tour promoting her latest album (listen to Nevada, Dinosaur Egg), the raw disc stirs up plenty of emotion. "I think it has kind of a warmer feel than the last album," she says. "I just think it seems a bit more tender." Of course, knowing Niblett, we can count on expecting the delightfully unexpected for her next project. "I've got this idea of making up some stuff about superheroes to sing about," she muses. Superheroes, huh? We can't wait to see the costumes for that video.


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