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Bio by Jessica Henderson

A whirlwind of talent and imagination coupled with a killer sense of humor, photographer Phil Mucci lives life as large and as colorful as the innovative photographs he's famous for. With a growing body of prize-winning work, his mind-bending photos blur the lines between fantasy and fiction to showcase his subjects in surreal settings awash in color. A favorite of musicians from rappers to rockers, he's snapped famed fans like Jay Z and The Roots, to Rancid, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Killers, to create cutting-edge album covers, magazine feature stories and pioneering ads, such as his ubiquitous Christina Aguilera Skechers campaign, whose racy poses were banned from retail stores in certain southern states.

Not surprisingly, this rising star works and plays in the equally creative, funky south side of Williamsburg with his two rescued dogs. "They're what is politely referred to as 'mixed breeds,'" says Mucci. Outside of the studio where he whips up everything from slogans to sets to shoots for his ground-breaking fashion, celebrity and advertising projects, Mucci doesn't need to walk far to find fresh, often ironic, inspiration by hipster watching and gallery hopping in his artistic community.

Not content with merely revolutionizing modern photography, the busy Mucci has also written and lensed short films including The Listening Dead, a gothic tale about a couple who are haunted by a young woman's ghost. Of course, this being Mucci's inventive musings, the movie is like nothing you've ever seen before: a silent black and white horror short, whose stylistic scenery strives to pay homage to great silent flicks of the past. "It will be poisoning film festivals all over the world, so keep a look-out for dates and venues," Mucci's joked, then described it as: "It is sweet like honey. You love it. It's so sticky, you can't get enough of it."

Honey aside, we think Mucci's right. Because anytime this New Yorker of ten years is holding the camera, we just can't seem to get enough.




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