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  • Real Estate Mogul
    Seagram Liquor Heir
    Born and Raised in NY

Bio by Jessica Henderson

Matthew Bronfman wants to make you feel at home. In fact, he'd very much like to put you in your next home.

As the Chairman of Bronfman Fisher Real Estate Holdings, this week his latest venture, the hot new luxury residential building perched on the edge of the bustling McCarren Park, the Ikon, makes it grand debut in the heart of Williamsburg with its highly-anticipated premiere party. "There's so much activity—the great bistros, the beautiful park," says an excited Bronfman of Brooklyn's booming artistic community, "it's just a phenomenal place to be. We're very excited about the opening."

A life-long New Yorker, with a quick smile and charming personality, Bronfman has a lot to grin about these days. Apart from his numerous prosperous business ventures, Bronfman, also an heir to the Seagram liquor empire, is the proud father of seven—yes, seven—kids. "I'm one of seven children myself, and my brother also has seven children. It's kind of a family tradition," Bronfman laughs of his uncommonly large brood. A family man who also prides his work with the 92nd Street Y—he's been on the board of directors since 1991, he says, "I love being able to bring up my children in the city. It's beautiful and bringing them up here is great—there's just so much to do, so many activities, so much culture."

Well-cultured himself, this high-powered executive also exudes a natural friendliness—Bronfman quickly puts people at ease whether you run into him on the street or have an appointment in his plush offices. When he isn't burning up the board room or a loop around Central Park on his bike, "My wife and I love to go downtown for dinner—there are great restaurants everywhere. One of our favorites is Bond St," says the soft-spoken Bronfman. "But because we live—and our kids go to school uptown, and my office is in midtown, our lives tend to happen north of 42nd Street."

Wherever life happens, we have a feeling Bronfman's living it to the fullest with his family happily in toe—right in the middle of what's happening. And now with the debut of the Ikon, you can be too.


Ikon Premiere

Ikon Premiere

Matthew Bronfman introduces his latest building offering in Williamsburg, overlooking McCarren Park. …more

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