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Bio by Alvina Collardeau

It appears that fashion consultant and stylist Larissa Zaharuk has been immersed in image since day one. “At thirteen, I was hitting the vintage shops, buying men’s trousers and hand-altering them for a stovepipe fit, pairing them with lace-up oxfords and calling myself mod!” she laughs. “No one at school knew what I was talking about, least of all myself.”

The Canadian ex-model who for a decade has called every major international city home, reveals “Ironically, it was modeling that gave me my worst image crisis, being a projection of other’s visions aesthetically and psychologically. It wasn’t until I moved on that I could begin to reclaim that image." But Zaharuk, who has since busied herself taking-up many behind-the-camera endeavors, is certainly not complaining. "All that traveling introduced me to a great cross-section of the industry, which I applied to breaking out and exploring other related, yet more liberating and rewarding ventures.”

One such project seems especially fitting: imagine a 7000-square-foot closet, filled with the best and latest of designer fashion—where styling giants like Patricia Field, top magazine editors, actresses attending film premieres, as well as referred individuals going to glamorous events—converge. That’s Albright, New York City’s Fashion Library—and filling it with the ultimate wardrobe for rent is Zaharuk’s latest pastime.“No one but Albright has succeeded in acquiring this caliber and quantity of high-end designer pieces for such as wide clientele,” shares Zaharuk. “I’m a liason, bringing clients in and getting the word out that Albright is the editor to the editors.”

Zaharuk's other passion and long-time trade is writing, which leads her to pen various trend reviews. Lucky for us, Zaharuk also channels her creativity and gift for connecting into producing regular personality profiles for OTI, including those on Gretchen Mol, Molly Shannon, Amy Sedaris, filmmaker David Wain, and the designers behind fine-jewelry line Finn.

Forever pairing fashionista with fashion, contributor Zaharuk is happy to share some of her own favorite, industry-insider-NYC-shopping secrets with us as well. “While I love clothes, I don’t really love to shop, but I do enjoy shopping in New York. There’s everything; from Fifth Avenue to the local boutiques, to well-edited designer vintage that’s comparable to vintage in Paris- meaning, no need to dig! Then you have the boroughs with their unexpected little gem shops… and the other side of vintage—lots of digging and sold by the pound like they do in Berlin! But that’s why New York is my favorite city”, the globe-trotter affirms, “You have every nation packed into our five little boroughs.”


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