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  • Author of Momzillas
    Born and raised in NY
    Mother of two

Bio by Jessica Henderson

If there were ever a case where art imitates life, it would appear to be the chick lit writer Jill Kargman. Known for her playful prose about the cutthroat Upper East Side world where designer duds are accessorized with gold-dipped baby bottles, Kargman—herself the mother of two tots with an exclusive address—would seem to run in the same uptown circles. But look further, and you'll see that this laid-back mom boasts an offbeat sense of humor that sets her apart from the haute couture pack. "To be a 'yummy mummy' I gotta cut out the carbs," jokes Kargman. "But even then, I'm too much of a low-pony or bun person. There are some women I spy in the hood who never even run to Food Emporium without a full blowout. Too much maintenance for moi. I'm lazy."

Even without a hot-rolled hairdo, she's hardly lethargic. Instead, the talented novelist skewers the "mommy snake pit" in her latest book, Momzillas out this week. Her first solo effort—her previous bestsellers The Right Address and Wolves in Chic Clothing were co-authored with BFF and writing partner Carrie Karasyov—Kargman admits that she is "excited but nervous!" as she gets pumped up for her upcoming book tour. Of course, "I break into hives when I leave New York City for more than a week or so," says Kargman of her beloved hometown. "New York is such a melting pot and you can never be lonely here; there's such a great street life and I love walking everywhere—I even walked the New York City Marathon! It took six hours but I did it."

When she is finally standing still or sitting down Kargman indulges in her other passions, including Woody Allen and Diane Keaton movies—"Woody walks on water to me. Though I worship Diane in Something's Gotta Give"; music—"We go to see a band about once every two weeks. My husband and I saw Scissor Sisters last week, Beck a few weeks ago. I just can't hit the late night shows like I used to"; even dairy. "I eat two Dannon Coffee Yogurts a day. This is now a three-generation addiction! My dad loves it and now my older daughter does, too" Kargman laughs.

With a sense of humor that she describes as "weird, random and semi-dark," Kargman's quirky personality is infectious no matter what end of town she's in, peppering her speech with the same unique catchphrases that keeps us turning page after hilarious page of her books. "My fave one is 'too posh to push' to describe the elective C-section crowd," she says. And, just like a cupcake without the calories, Kargman's own Manhattan stories are a guilty pleasure we think you should indulge in more often.




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