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  • Nutrition and Wellness Coach
    13-year modeling career
    Freelance Writer

Bio by Jessica Henderson

A modeling career whisked natural beauty Jennifer Medley away from her Kentucky roots 13 years ago. But it was Manhattan, her homebase as she circled the globe a few times over on assignment, that took a mere New York minute to fall in love with. "It was addictive from the start—the energy, the stimulation, the diversity," says Medley, "it crept into me."

Today, as a much sought-after Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Medley's creative knack for helping clients revamp their diet, refine their fitness routine and root out the best organic produce the city has to offer has found a cult-like following. Her hands-on workshops have whipped everyone from teens to the tough women of the NYPD into shape, out of their ruts and on to energized lives.

And at the end of a physically active day that might include hiking, tennis or even some hell-on-wheels rollerblading, this self-proclaimed "foodie crossed with a health nut" is happiest to unwind with friends over a long dinner at her latest restaurant find. "People act surprised to see me holding a glass of wine or having chocolate, but because I love good food, I don't hold back. I try everything—in moderation that is," says the fresh-air addict. "And that's what I recommend to my clients for the most part." Life, it seems for Medley, is all about balance. And she's out to prove that it's easier to be green—and fit—than you thought, even in a seemingly concrete jungle.

Can't see Medley one-on-one anytime soon? Get privy to her fitness and nutrition secrets by sending a blank email to e-tips@jennifermedley.com to receive her free weekly health newsletter.


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