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Art Director
Madigan Heck

  • Founder of art and fashion avant-garde publication Nomenusquarterly
    Fashion Photographer

Bio by Larissa Zaharuk

"Everyone always brings up my age," laughs Erik Madigan Heck, founder of art and fashion's newest online magazine Nomenusquarterly.com. The twenty-three year old appears genuinely at a loss for the attention.

Something is drawing seasoned talent like electrons to Heck’s Nomenus Quarterly, graced with enthusiastic contributions from industry icons such as fine-art photographers Mike and Doug Starn and Parisian couture designer Anne Valerie Hash. "We reach out to artists that we really admire," says Heck, "and in almost every instance they've gone above and beyond our expectations."

Meanwhile, his solo show of fashion photographs for New York design collective FORM's spring/summer collection opens September 5th, running through November 30th, in the gallery space of the Soho Grand Hotel.

Quite a New York moment—for a resident of only one year. The native Minnesotan and former Paris expat recaps: "Moving to New York was the logical next step. I love other cities, but there really isn't a substitute for New York. Everyone eventually comes here at some point—for me it was the right time."

A proliferation of photography and mixed media projects keep him eternally inspired in the city that never sleeps. “I took a leave of absence from school because I was working too much,” the Parson’s MFA student confesses, “You go from being a photographer, to an art director, and then editor-in-chief all in one. Today, you have to oversee all aspects, both the business and the art, if you want your vision carried out.”

What would Heck like to see happen before turning twenty-five? "I'm in the midst of two projects" says Heck. One, as a director of a new film, Choreartium, "It's an experimental project involving an installation, score, and choreographed dance," explains Heck. And two, his sound. "I've been working on my own music, doing some remixes of works from Donna Regina to Arvo Part. It's in development".

The overachiever waggishly adds, however, "I'm turning twenty-four in September, so that only leaves one year."




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