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Marketing Executive

  • Executive director of branded content and entertainment at Ogilvy & Mather
    Produces music and films events
    On TreeHugger Board of Advisor

Bio by Jessica Henderson

Doug Scott knows what you want. In fact, he's made a career of it. The savvy Executive Director of Branded Content and Entertainment at the big wig Ogilvy firm, Scott develops original content (i.e. video, film, music and broadband programming) for brands such as American Express, IBM and Yahoo. A pioneer in a virtually new niche of media and advertising, Scott's exuberant personality fits his field well.

A twelve-year transplant to New York City, he loves having "the sidewalk under my feet" in a town where, "everywhere you look there is an opportunity to engage people in a dialog with a brand or product," says the ever working Scott. "We live in a city filled with experiences and I try to find those that can be explored."

With all that's on his plate, dessert for this overachiever is spending time with his daughter. "I'd like to learn how to play the guitar so my daughter and I can jam together," Scott says. But that's not all this creative thinker is looking forward to—his off-duty interests are as diversified as his day-to-day responsibilities: next up is a show he's developing off Broadway and a non-profit he's getting off the ground in the Hamptons.

Theater may seem an odd choice for an advertising whiz, but artistic combinations have always served him well—he's long produced music and film events, from a five-day music festival for the Sundance Film Festival and Blender Sessions to the MTV show Diddy Runs the City following Sean Comb's jaunt through the New York City Marathon, which raised an impressive $2 million for children. "Music is the soundtrack of life and reflects one's mood in a melodic manner," explains Scott. "When you combine that with a moving image you can transport someone to a place that they never imagined existed."

As an executive who pushes the limits in all that he does, Scott is constantly looking for what's next and hot, so who better to tell you about the best spots in New York? After all, the man's done his research—chances are he already knows exactly what you're looking for.


Wollman Rink


Next year, I'm buying my own skates so I can practice—to become as good as my daughter. …more



Part gallery, part store, I find myself needing a bigger apartment to accommodate all of the items I have acquired from Murray Moss's flagship store. …more

Whitney Museum


What can I say here but… wow. The Whitney is one of those museums that you need to visit monthly. …more

Joe’s Pub


Joe's Pub offers a place to enjoy all forms of entertainment with cocktails and friends. …more

Lever House Restaurant


John McDonald is one of the most accommodating restaurateurs in the city. …more

BLT Steak


There is no place better to entertain a client for dinner than BLT Steak. …more

Blue Ribbon Brasserie


For over ten years I have been joining James, David and the Blue Ribbon family for weekly oysters, fried chicken and pu pu platters. …more

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