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Bio by Jessica Henderson

No matter how much you love the city, every Manhattanite needs a great escape to look forward to as the days grow shorter and the grey skies of winter loom large. That's why we at OTI asked famed French travel photographer Dominique Silberstein—who boasts a perpetual tan as a result of his enviable trade—to pick his top six vacation spots around the globe to perk up your senses. A celebrated photographer for over 25 years, Silberstein has said, "the sun is the origin of all light, for which we should give thanks." You'll give thanks for his arresting photographs that illuminate his exotic hotel recommendations from Morocco to Mauritius. So kiss the winter doldrums goodbye and let your mind wander the stunning landscapes and glamorous locations you won't find on any Orbitz newsletter—and don't forget to pass the sunscreen. Consider it our holiday gift to you.


Prince Maurice


A five-star hotel located in Mauritius, it's perched on a secluded, lush peninsula, in the middle of a lagoon of outstanding beauty. …more

One & Only Ocean Club


With easy access from New York, skip the Hamptons and find out for yourself why this is a dream escape for both spa lovers and avid golfers. …more

Château d'Esclimont


The castle and its magnificent grounds make the ultimate romantic surroundings for a dreamy, unforgettable getaway for lovers. …more

Saxon Hotel


I particularly recommend this place to type A workaholics who desperately need to escape the urban jungle. …more



More than a hotel, it is a magical and spellbinding place, an ideal haven to find peace and well-being. …more

La Cocoteraie


The Cocoteraie hotel is bathed in light and defined by its colonial charm and elegant comfort. …more

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