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Bio by Jessica Henderson

Celerie Kemble lives a life as textured as the fabric swatches she's surrounded by each day. A new mother, loving wife, great friend, uber successful interior designer and oft-snapped socialite, this Harvard-educated New Yorker finds herself with a unique name and a unique position in life—just don't assume because she makes it looks so effortless, it is. "I don't think I am balancing it all," laughs Kemble. "I hear the constant crash of balls dropping. But, it's the cacophony of a lucky person so I'm grateful. Having it look easy is about having fun—I have a big appetite for fun."

And fun she has, whether it's at work where she designs alongside her best friends in their shared office space—"The women I work with are growing along with me and are just damn stunning. I love being on the team."—or out on the prowl with her constant canine companion, Anchovy. "I'm a reader, a walker, a movie goer, an eater. I love a good play. And, with my work, I get to shop and explore museums, stores and flea markets," says Kemble. A Palm Beach native, "I've seen New York from the shifting perspectives and priorities of a 21 to 33 year old woman," she says of her home for the last 12 years. "It's still fulfilling in ways I can't imagine any other place would be, given that my wants and likes have changed so much in this period. The city has opened my eyes, palette, and heart with each passing year."

This year the chic designer also happily welcomed the arrival of her first child, Ravenel (affectionately known as Rascal), with hubby Boykin Curry. As the proud parents settle in with their little one in their striking apartment with sweeping views of Central Park, Kemble offers advice anyone can use when decorating your first abode, no matter what the landscape. "People forget that their own experience of their home is more important than anyone else's. I'm a big bather so my bathroom is where I put my biggest dollar commitment. The first expensive antiques I ever bought went in there—a great ebony closet and an antique marble tub from Argentina," says Kemble. So listen to your gut when it comes to making your house a home: "If it makes you grin, your stomach drop or something you see gets you giddy—buy it. Or, pull over, take it out of the trash and haul it home." Smart, stylish, quirky and resourceful. We love that in a girl.

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