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Bio by Alvina Collardeau

Ben Chang is a distinguished U.S. Diplomat at the U.N. by day... and a popular Lower East Side DJ by night. He has traveled the world on official missions alongside Former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell. He was stationed at the American Embassy in Paris for three years before moving back to New York, hence his frequent trips back to the City of Lights to spin Fashion Week.

As alter ego Hong Kong Hefner, his DJ stomping grounds in New York include East Side Company Bar, Thor at the Hotel on Rivington and the Bowery Hotel. "I get my news from CNN and Fashion File, read Al Kamen's "In the Loop" column as well as Richard Johnson's Page Six—plus I subscribe to PAPER magazine and the Economist," says Chang. "So when you mention Angelina Jolie, my first question is whether she has a new role onscreen or a new mission as UN Goodwill Ambassador?"


United Nations


At every turn, the furniture, the art and the very design of the building evokes a different corner of the world, yet blends together seamlessly. …more

Michael Andrews Bespoke


Picture sharply-tailored clothing for the tattooed-yet-suit-wearing set of the LES. …more

Angel’s Share


Come in and brace yourself for dark wood, candles, comfortable seats, jazz, and Japanese bar staff that knows its way around a cocktail. …more

20 Peacocks


Its owners, Mehdi and his "better half" Adriane, are always on hand to recommend good pairings, daring color combinations and tips for the well-dressed man. …more

Tompkins Square Park


In the park, crunk DJs and punk bands, dogs large and small, and plenty of sun when the weather is nice. …more

It’s a Sickness


Barnaby generates clothing, skate and surfboards, bags and chocolate with a perspective that grew out of his obsession (and addiction) with cocaine and pornography in the 1980s. NOW CLOSED. …more

The E.U.


Let the white-apron clad staff recommend the right food and drink pairings to match your mood. …more

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