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  • Wrote and performs off-broadway one-woman show Mother Load
    Mother of three
    14-year Upper West Side Resident

Bio by Jessica Henderson

Motherhood can be a funny thing. And no one knows that better than actress Amy Wilson, mother of Conner, four-and-a-half years old, and Seamus, almost three, with yet another new addition on the way this October. "I'm a little more than halfway through this pregnancy, and knowing how much bigger I'm going to get is making me tired just thinking about it," laughs Wilson, whose adventures in the cutthroat world of competitive parenting in New York has inspired her one-woman, off-Broadway show Mother Load. "The 'Mother Load' is what I call the fruitless, losing quest for perfection that we are pressured to feel as mothers," says Wilson who has also appeared onstage in such shows as The Last Night of Ballyhoo. "We get guilt from parenting books, magazines, commercials, the Internet and even other mothers. If you actually buy into the standards that society has for parenting today, I think you drive yourself insane."

Sanity aside, Wilson's hilarious hour-plus romp through the decadent and often ridiculous realm of highly-indulged New York City toddlers who have their own personal trainers and preschool applications that include essay questions takes her out of her Upper West Side digs of nearly 10 years, where Wilson claims she has "always loved the unfussy, come-as-you-are attitude—you don't have to get your hair blown out to be seen at Starbucks," to the Sage Theater in Times Square six nights a week.

While the Scranton, Pennsylvania-raised Wilson doesn't have a lot of free time, "I love doing the show—but the 6 AM wake-up call the next morning is tough," she admits of the demanding performance schedule that doesn't begin until after she puts in a full, exhausting day sprinting after her two tots. "During the run of this show my husband and I are just two ships passing in the night," Wilson says of her uber supportive hubby. "And I used to be an exercise junkie. Now, I chase my kids around, pick them up, and pushing their double stroller uphill (which weighs 100 pounds at this point) is pretty much all the exercise I need."

With plans to finally take a long weekend away with her husband after the baby arrives—"We're keeping the baby's sex a surprise—not easy in this day in age, what with the 700 tests and ultrasounds," she says—and baby bottles aren't the only thing she plans to be busy with this fall. "We're hoping to re-open the show in New York City once I can start doing it again, and even tour. It seems to touch a nerve with audiences, which just thrills me." Somehow we know she'll have an amusing new anecdote or two about Manhattan motherhood to add to that encore.


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