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La Esquina

Recommended by

Ann Dexter Jones Socialite

on November 26th 2006


Ann Dexter Jones Says

Mexican food isn't my personal favorite, but somehow I love the dishes at La Esquina. Everything is light and delicate—especially the ceviche. And let's face it, meals accompanied by a great margarita have a festive feeling. The restaurant itself has an air of mystery: on entering at street level, you walk into a simple Mexican diner. It looks very ordinary until you notice an ominous security person with a clipboard standing guard in front of a door marked "Employees Only." You are only allowed past this door if you have a reservation, or qualify as "New York cool." I fantasize that it has the air of the Prohibition speakeasy days. Once inside, you are led downstairs through a bustling kitchen, where the aroma of food and spices tantalize your taste buds. The restaurant itself is a sexy, dimly-lit cellar with an incredibly intimate atmosphere. You feel as if you have stumbled into a private party of talented, witty and beautiful people.

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