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Bio by Jessica Henderson

British socialite Ann Dexter-Jones is many things: a New York icon, a rock star wife (to the legendary Foreigner guitar man Mick Jones), a Reiki master and mum to her five children, a brilliant brood of talented DJs, designers and musicians—not to mention a club-hopper in her own right. A tireless philanthropist who supports youth rehabilitation charities, Dexter-Jones is also a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in such publications as The New York Times and Town & Country, and she is currently penning her first novel. "Writing on an eclectic range of subjects is my very great pleasure," says Dexter-Jones.

Sound busy? She is. And Dexter-Jones wouldn't have it any other way—just as she can't imagine herself living anywhere else. "I love New York for many reasons—the beauty, the pace, the theatre—and most of all I love that I have a dozen groups of friends, all with different interests, just a cab ride away." And a motley crew it usually is, as the many celebrity guests—from designers to rappers to writers—that have packed her stunning townhouse would tell you.

Dexter-Jones has a knack for making each guest feel like the most special person in a room full of, well, very special people. So before she reveals her Insider's picks, we had to ask the stylish and highly energetic hostess her secrets to throwing the perfect New York dinner party: "I invite a diverse group of my favorite people, put on a mixed CD made by my children—they have excellent taste—and weed out those who come just to 'network,'" says Dexter-Jones. "I love to share, to introduce my friends to new people. I always try to create a fun and safe atmosphere for everyone to enjoy." That's just something to keep in mind the next time you have Elton or Yoko over.


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